Pension AUDIT Guide.

Just Some Of The Audit Headers.

1 - Advised To Change To A SIPP With Higher Risk & Charges.

2 - Inappropriate Advise On Final Salary Transfers.

3 - Advised Into An SASS (Small self administered scheme).

4 - Retired Overseas & Advised A QROPS (Qualified recognised overseas pension scheme).

5 - Advised To Setup A Risky OPS (Occupational Pension Scheme).

6 - Advised To Opted Out Of SERPS (State Earnings Related Pension Scheme).

7 - Unfairly Sold Your Pension Product Or Not Made Aware Of Other Products & Options.

8 - Health & Medical Issues Not Inluded Consequently The Wrong Pension Product Was Advised.

has your pension pot be plundered by charges?

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